Top 10 for 2014 – Jeweller Magazine

Top 10 for 2014 – Jeweller Magazine

Each week in 2014, Jeweller’s New Products Thursday E-Newsletter featured the hottest jewellery and watch products to hit the market.  Here is a run-down of the most popular items for the year.

With retailers seemingly always on the hunt for the latest jewellery and watches, coupled with consumers wanting to stay ahead of current trends, it’s not surprising to see why the New Products section of Jeweller’s website receives a large number of visits.

More than 300 products from a wide range of suppliers, both big and small, were showcased on in 2014.

It’s interesting to see what readers find appealing, and so with this in mind, Jeweller has compiled the top 10 most popular products for the year.  While the list has been composed based on online views and is not a measure of sales, it nevertheless indicates that retailers and consumers were attracted to a broad spectrum of products.

High-profile international brands featured well but it was often smaller, home-grown brands that stole the show – indeed, the most popular product for 2014 was a ring from Melbourne-based TWM Co.